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Every day thousands of people are reported missing in our country and many of them are never found. The NHRC Action Research on Trafficking, published by Orient Longman in 2005, has revealed that in any given year, an average of 44000 children are reported missing; of them, as many as 11000 remain untraced. The cases of "Missing people" can be broadly categorized into people who are missing, runaway, abducted/kidnapped, deserted, untraced, escaped, unidentified dead body or an unidentified person etc… Despite the efforts of the police and other agencies countless children, women and men are missing and many of them land in the hands of exploiters and evil /hostile environments. "Despite being the national repository of 'crime data', the NCRB is unaware both of children who are traced or of those who remain untraced".This website of "Gumshuda" seeks to address these gaps so as to ensure that all the missing women, children and men are recorded & restored and also ensure that perpetrators who exploited them are exposed and punished. With its multiple complexities the issue of "missing people” it is impossible for one person/s, agency or government department to address the issue of missing persons. Adding to this complexity is the lack of proper data and monitoring/tracking of "missing persons". It is time the civil society comes together to address this issue.The website seeks to complement the services of the Police /CID Department who have assured unstinted efforts to help identify the missing person brought to their notice through this website. The website also gives you details of what you need to do, once you notice that your family member/friend/or person you know is "missing" or as a concerned citizen/organization you find a person who has lost his moorings and is in need of help.

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This App is to help lost and missing people who are not able to reach their family. It can also help those families who are helpless.

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Anyone can share the pic (with details) of that particular person who is missing. The families, who want to register the details of anybody who is missing, can upload the details along with pic